Detox Supplements

Detoxification is an ongoing and natural process in which the body removes toxins. While this happens constantly, we sometimes need to help. Our bodies get weighed down by a buildup of chemicals that can make us feel lethargic, slow down our metabolisms (making digestion more uncomfortable) and even have an impact upon our immune systems. We need to support our body in this process, giving it a chance to remove these substances. Detox supplements from Supplement Tree are a natural way to cleanse your system and refresh your body.

Why is Detox Important?

Our bodies are full of different chemical compounds and reactions occur constantly in every cell. These reactions use chemicals to produce things that our body needs – everything from proteins to vitamins and energy. They breakdown our food and draw the nutrients from them, as well as allowing our immune system to run effectively, our brain to make connections and our nervous system to repair itself.

However, a lot of chemical reactions in our bodies create harmful byproducts. While these do occur naturally, it’s vital that our bodies can process them and cleanse them from our systems. If we couldn’t naturally detox, we would poison ourselves! Detox is vital to the everyday functioning of our bodies.

While detox is ongoing and constant, our bodies aren’t always good at it. They can cleanse most of the toxins from our systems, but there’s often a residue left over. This is particularly common because a lot of the toxins in our system come from the food we eat and our digestive system. We usually eat three meals a day and, over a long period of time, our detox processes can’t keep up with our digestion. Toxins build up and we become bloated more easily or feel more tired.


Where do the toxins come from?

As mentioned, toxins can come from all sorts of places that include the natural chemical reactions in our bodies. For example, ammonia is produced when we break down old proteins that are no longer needed. This is extremely poisonous to us, so our liver converts it into urea, which is excreted in urine.

For the most part, the toxins our body needs help to cleanse away are those that come from external sources. Our food has lots of pesticides, for example, that build up in our systems if we don’t support our bodies in detoxification. Chemicals in food packaging, cigarettes and even air pollution get into our systems.


How do I know if I need to detox?

The signs that you need to detox often come on gradually so you begin to accept them as normal, or overlook them. For example, feeling tired can be one sign that your body is becoming bogged down with toxins that prevent you from synthesising energy. You might also experience:

  • Headaches
  • Poor concentration
  • Bad breath
  • Dry, damaged or otherwise unhealthy skin
  • Muscle aches and pain


Detoxifying your body doesn’t need to be complex. Listen to your body when it tells you it’s struggling and provide the support it needs. Different people recommend different methods of detox that include juice diets, short periods of fasting, eating ‘clean’ foods or superfoods, among many other things. Detox supplements give you everything you need to cleanse your body – whatever method you’re using.

For example, green tea promotes the functioning of your digestive system and bowels, helping your body cleanse itself and excrete toxins in a natural way. The liver is one of the key organs in cleansing: it’s sole job is to purify your systems and remove toxins. Taking care of your liver promotes the ongoing natural detox of your body. These two examples are simple steps you can take to detox and provide natural support.

Whatever method you choose, give your body the boost it needs. We recommend that you put your health first and never take risks with dangerous diets. If you’re concerned, always speak to a doctor.