Magic pills: losing money or weight?

Weight Loss Pills

Have you ever heard a television or newspaper advert that claims: Eat whatever you want and however you want, make no whole scale lifestyle changes, never exercise and still lose weight! – With this magic pill? Now, something like that can be very appealing, most especially if you’re somebody trying to lose weight. Which is often the case as most people place weight loss at the top of their New Year resolutions. And these products are so popular these days that we wonder what’s actually getting slimmer, our wallets or our body?

The claim?

If you visit your local store, you will see weight loss as one benefit of many products. Green tea, black tea, whatever! The name matters little, the claim is what is interesting – which is bogus, to say the least.

Like, if slimming down was that simple, we would all be as fit as Brad Pitt. Chilling on the couch and catching our favorite shows on Netflix, while we allow the magic pill do all the work! But in reality, it’s not that simple. Looking at Brad Pitt’s physique, it is obvious that he didn’t get to such great shape merely by eating burgers and fries and soft drinks or simply swallowing a pill.

In any case, you want to know what’s not so simple to swallow, it’s the truth. Practically, every weight-loss expert and dietitian will tell you that if you want to shed some pounds, you would need to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

 Supplements + regular exercise + healthy dieting = weight loss!

Wondering how supplements factor into the equation? Well, here is how.

Losing weight doesn’t necessitate starving yourself or drastically reducing your food choices. While putting reasonable workout at the gym, you want to make sure you still cover nutritional bases. That means meeting your recommended daily intake of all essential vitamins or nutrients.

Hence, it all comes down to eating the right combination of foods. Specific vitamins that can trigger your body from fat storing mode into the fat melting mode. If there is one thing supplements can do for you, it is making you want to eat less and work more. Supplements come in handy to fill in for whatever deficiency you might have in your diet. Without these nutrients, your body holds onto fat – slowing your metabolism and rendering your weight loss effort an exercise in futility.

Food supplements that may help:

  • Vitamin D: according to some findings, vitamin D Helps body cells respond to insulin. Insulin helps glucose get into the body cells which burns glucose for energy. In essence, getting enough Vitamin D into the body helps to ensure calories you eat don’t get stored in fat cells.
  • Calcium: Calcium is a mineral that is stored in fat cells and works with Vitamin D to help cells burn fat. According to some researchers, the more calcium a cell has the more fat it burns.
  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C is responsible for skin, teeth and bone maintenance. And also for wound healing. Vitamin C is believed to also play a role in fat burning. According to a research done by the American college of nutrition, individuals with vitamin C deficiency may find it difficult to release fat.
  • Protein: Protein keeps hunger in check. And more crucially, a regular intake helps maintain the proportion of body fat to muscles. Along with calcium and vitamin D, helps you preserve body muscles as you drop pounds.
  • Weight Loss Supplement: There are many popular supplements that may also support the weight loss but unfortunately none is considereda ‘Magic Pill’.

So for long lasting healthy results, remember the formula:

Supplements + regular exercise + healthy dieting = weight loss!