Men’s Health Supplements

Supplement Tree stock the highest quality, natural supplements to support your body in daily life and periods of tiredness, illness or stress. Balance is essential to living a healthy and happy life, which is largely achieved through exercise, eating well and maintaining good sleeping patterns. However, we know this isn’t always easy. Our men’s health supplements give your body a boost. They fire energy, vitamins and nutrients to exactly where you need them to ensure you can live life feeling as energised and well as possible, no matter what your day might hold.


Prostate Health Support

There are many problems that could develop with your prostate, particularly as you age. Men over the age of 30 are much more likely to develop issues, which could include prostatitis (inflammation and infection), prostatodynia (pain in the prostate), benign prostate hypoplasia (enlargement) and cancer. It’s vital that your body gets the vitamins and nutrients it needs to better prevent and tackle problems with prostate health.

Our general prostate support capsules have a range of natural ingredients that target the key areas of prostate health. For example, supplemental plant sterols (phytosterols) are associated with improved prostatic function and studies have shown genistein can reduce BPH symptoms.

Urinary Function Supplements

Problems with the prostate can lead to many different issues, including erectile dysfunction, pain and deterioration in urinary function. There are specific supplements that can support you in struggles with your urinary tract and protect against future problems.

Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto is not only included in our prostate support supplements, but we also stock it as high strength capsules. Its primary function in the body is for prostate and urinary tract support. Saw Palmetto is a variety of palm tree that grows in North America and it includes a range of different natural sterols that mimic hormones in the body and contain fatty acids. These are also great at supporting male sexual health.

D-Mannose Supplements

D-mannose is a daily supplement that provides ongoing support to your urinary tract and bladder. This is a particularly good supplement to take as you age and your body needs extra help to maintain the ongoing health of your bladder and associated processes. You can find D-mannose in your diet — in fruit such as berries, apples and peaches — but our supplements contain a higher concentration that is more likely to have a positive effect.


D-Mannose works due to its unique chemical structure. Rather than collecting in your urinary tract, bacteria sticks to D-Mannose and is carried out of your body in your urine. This means that it helps to prevent infection and cleanses your system.


We have a range of supplements designed to support your immune system in various ways.


If you want to give your body the best support, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and good energy levels, then our supplements can help. We ensure that all our products have clear and completely transparent ingredient descriptions so you can see exactly what you’re getting.