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Organic Turmeric 700mg With Organic Ginger 50mg & Organic Black Pepper 5mg – Soil Association Certified Tumeric Supplement

(178 customer reviews)


Supplement Tree Certified Organic Turmeric Supplement with Ginger and Black Pepper capsules contain a Super Strength Enhanced combination formula that contains Pure Organic Turmeric (700mg) Organic Ginger (50mg) & with Organic Black Pepper (5mg) in each vegan capsule.

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Turmeric Known as “the golden spice”, the purported health benefits of turmeric have been praised for centuries in traditional medicines.

Supplement Tree Certified Organic Turmeric Supplement with Ginger and Black Pepper capsules contain a Super Strength Enhanced combination formula that contains Pure Organic Turmeric (700mg) Organic Ginger (50mg) & with Organic Black Pepper (5mg) in each vegan capsule. We have added Organic Ginger & Black Pepper to work with Turmeric to Assist the Absorption of Curcumin and other Unique Curcuminoids –

Our formula is organically certified by the Soil Association for your peace of mind. Supplement Tree Nutrition Ltd is an approved license holder of the Soil Association Organic Standards body and operates under the License Code: DA27599. Please check our Organic Certificate in product pictures.

*Please note it is a legal requirement for organic products to be certified with one of the Organic bodies Such as the Soil Association and have EU Organic leaf symbol with certifying body code on the packaging. We always advise our customers to check this information before purchasing a product that is claimed to be organic. *

Turmeric may help to support healthy liver function, healthy joints and may contribute to the protection of cells from oxidative stress.

Ginger is From the Same Plant Family as Turmeric and Shares Many of its Properties.

Black Pepper may help to maintain healthy digestive function, liver, respiratory and nervous systems, normal skin, and a healthy immune system.

Manufactured in the UK to the GMP code of practice.

These procedures ensure that the basic manufacturing practices and prerequisites necessary for product quality and safety are being followed so that we can guarantee you receive consistently high-quality products.



Key Benefits

Soil Association Certified Organic Turmeric Supplement.

Organic Ginger & Organic Black pepper added to aid absorption.

May help to support healthy liver function.

May help to support healthy joints.

May contribute to the protection of cells from oxidative stress.

May help to maintain a healthy immune system.

Manufactured in the UK to GMP standard.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Product Details:


Adults, take 1-3 capsules per day, with water and preferably with food. Do not exceed recommended daily dose.

Product Information:
typical per capsule

Organic Turmeric (Curcuma Longa)   700mg

Organic Ginger (Zingiber Officinale)   50mg

Organic Black Pepper (Piper Nigrum) 5mg

*Organic Turmeric Powder, *Organic Ginger Powder, *Organic Black Pepper Powder, Capsule Shell: Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose.

*Certified organic ingredients:  (GB-ORG-05)


Always consult your health practitioner before taking nutritional supplements, especially if you are taking medication or are under medical supervision. Not recommended for use by pregnant or breastfeeding women. You should not take supplements as a substitute for a varied balanced diet or healthy lifestyle.  Store in a cool dry place, out of reach of children.



178 reviews for Organic Turmeric 700mg With Organic Ginger 50mg & Organic Black Pepper 5mg – Soil Association Certified Tumeric Supplement

  1. Amela

    Really good

    Easy to swallow

  2. Amazon Customer

    This item is a good quality for the price.


  3. Mary H

    It works

    I have been using for almost 2 weeks and have noticed my pain level is coming down in feet and knees.As yet not noticing a real difference in back pain but I am sleeping better because I am not waking due to knee pain.It is early days so I intend to give it more time. I only tried this because of reviews I did not think it would work

  4. Vicky

    Really great product

    Really great product and really does work thank you

    2 people found this helpful
  5. linda harker

    pain relief

    I have rheumatoid arthritis and the pain in my hands and leg is really bad but I have only taken this for 3 days and my hands are feeling better but my leg is very painful but I will give it time.

  6. andrew

    I hope that I will see the benefits of continuing to take this product

    I have only been taking this product for a short time, and therefore it is not possible for me to comment on any aspect yet.

  7. Elizabeth Owens

    Great package

    Nice package, easy to swallow, but not sure if they are working yet? It is a bit soon.

    One person found this helpful
  8. kaydee

    Helps skin problems

    The pills are a bit on the big size but you get used to them. Used them for my skin as they were recommended to me. Haven’t been using them for long but feel my skin has improved.

  9. Ballet Boys Mum

    Would recommend

    Great way to have it delivered. Carry it in my lunch bag to remind me. Have noticed a real improvement in my hands and knee

  10. Chrissy

    Turmeric in capsule form.

    They are large capsules and you can taste the turmeric as you put it in your mouth. However if it does the job….who cares!


    Very Pleased.

    Arrived Early. Good value. Easy to take and taste not too bad. All in all, very pleased.

  12. Amazon Customer

    Prompt delivery.

    Ordered these on a recommendation, however they made no difference to my joint pain.

  13. Rosie

    Seems to help

    I am using turmeric for my self and my dog .

  14. M. Ingham

    NOT CURCUMIN EXTRACT just Turmeric with ginger and pepper.

    The label on the pack strongly creates the impression that it contains Curcumin extract. It does not just ordinary turmeric. No wonder it’s cheap. After carefully reading the ingredients I realised I had been misled. I sent mine back without opening the pack. Don’t be fooled there is not enough of the active ingredient Curcumin in a capsule to help with pain control. You’d have to swallow the whole package full at one go to have any effect.

    One person found this helpful
  15. Martin Dunn

    Easy to take

    They are very easy to take and hopefully doing us some good

  16. packers


    Great and easy to use

  17. Diane Thompson

    Fit for purpose

    Use this with hemp for knee pai

  18. Amazon Customer

    Good value

    Good value great product

  19. coleen


    great product and quick delivery

  20. MJR

    Too early to tell

    trying different dosages to get best results, too early to tell.

  21. Amazon Customer

    Works for me

    Following a operation on my knee, i needed to use a pain killer gel to ease the aches and pains after walking. Since taking the Turmeric supplement, i rarely feel the need to use the gel if at all. It takes about a week or so to get it into your system but after that the aches and pains are minimalised.

  22. julie smart

    Great product

    After just 2 days my joints feel much better great product

  23. Gill

    New user but so far has relieved hip pain.

    I got these for my husband and although early days, he has said hip pain reduced so he has been able to stop taking his naproxen.I will be ordering more when needed.

  24. Lesley Glasel


    Works well.

  25. K. Blackwell

    So far satisfactory.

    Not had long enough to test for pain relief.Jury still out.

  26. Don2


    Better than my previous capsules. Same size, so no problems taking them. These have added Ginger and are more potent 700mg, previous ones were only 600mg and twice the price. These are excellent.

    10 people found this helpful
  27. james lee

    It works

    will continue to use this product as it does seem to help…I bought this product to try for my sore knee joint and after continious use I can honestly say it does seem to work… Give it a try…I’m glad I did.



    Helped with my digestion.

  29. Jacquie Wright

    They work.

    Quite large tablets but easy to swallow. Great price

  30. Chrissie

    seem to work

    I have been taking these pills for just over a week and they really do seem to work. I can walk up and down stairs properly now were as before it was one step at a time with my good leg leading all the time, but now as I have said up and down no trouble. I can also sleep at night the pain in my knee does not wake me up anymore because no pain. Walking is better aswell so should be able to go for proper walks now instead of just up the road. I will certainly buy more of these tablets.

  31. Ms. L. Maskhadova

    Fast delivery , too soon to report results

    I have bought this supplement for the first time, I will come back to review it later. I am sure it will work as it has the smell of fresh turmeric.

  32. Maureen

    Good supplement for joint pain

    I like that there is ginger included in the capsules

  33. ann m

    Did nothing for me

    Did nothing for me

  34. terry jones kitchenalia

    tumeric capsules

    suffered with bladder cancer 6 years ago,had the op to remove growths plus chemo. every time i went into urology i never saw an asian or black person.i could not understand why. i told another patient of my observations and told me why. he said it is their diet witch consists of tumeric. ever since that day i have taken tumeric daily (with black pepper.) todate i am cancer free.

  35. Lesley Brown

    Good value

    Take this product to help ease osteo arthritis. Not sure if the real effects but not having much issues with my osteoarthritis at the moment due to walking a lot more and losing weight. Take 1 tablet daily



    Great product

  37. Amazon Customer


    Tablet helped with my pain

  38. Clive Williams

    Good value

    Good value,well prented,does what it says on the box

  39. Jennifer Fox

    They really work

    Soothes my aches and pains.

  40. kez

    Good value

    Great product



    i take these for osteo arthritis and in my opinion they do ease the aches and pains

  42. Mr. J. R. Brown



  43. Mrs. J. Maitland



    One person found this helpful
  44. Maggie West


    It works

  45. Baza

    Wellbeing improved

    Organic turmeric curcumin with organic ginger and black pepper. I find two tablets a day help with my sore knees and general wellbeing.

  46. TJ

    Reasonably priced

    Ordered these twice now and found some pain relief from tbe arthritis in my shoulderGreat packaging and reasonably priced would reccomend

  47. Hafiza Turk


    Good for blood

  48. Jean Burrows

    Great value

    Great help my aching joints

  49. Amazon Customer

    Capsule with turmeric and balck pepper

    You get what you expect for your money and the delivery was really quick.


    Good value

    Seem to made improve at moment

  51. Julie okpala

    It serves the purpose.


  52. caroline moseley

    good stuff

    been taking turmeric for pain relief for a while now ,it really does help me cope my pains ,when i had run out of the product ,i soon felt it ,so quickly order ,some more.

    10 people found this helpful
  53. Sana Patel


    Excellent product highly recommended

  54. Hazel Lynch

    Hoping for improvement

    So far I have not really felt much benefit I have arthritis in both wrists but the ones I used before didn’t help much either so I decided to try this combination with ginger repeats on me and I get some indigestion but it’s only been a few weeks so I will continue and see if improves

  55. John Gough

    Many promising reviews give confidence.

    I’ve only been using the tablets a week now so I can’t comment on pain relief yet? But I must say the pain is a bit less at the moment but I’m not sure if that is a psychological feeling?

  56. narrowboat lady

    unexpected result

    I bought these for my lower back pain, but I find that hasn’t changed much BUT bonus my tummy problems have gone completely . I will carry on taking them, I have ordered more, to keep thing under control and see what happens next.

  57. Anonymous

    Excellent customer service

    Good product, quick delivery

  58. Rosemary E McCotter

    Good for the joints!

    I am hoping it is going to help my joints and muscles healthy an in working order in my old age

  59. Patrick kelly


    I am taking 2 a day of these capsules and am not impressed with them, don’t seem to make much difference to pain I’m having due to my arthritis

  60. Mrs Ann Harrison

    Turmeric tablets

    Great value for miney

  61. Sean Seany

    Easy to swallow

    Item described as advertised. No after taste . Will buy again.

    2 people found this helpful
  62. Jasmine

    Keeps bones more supple and less pain.

    Everything was as stated about this product.

  63. dale cranfield

    Arthritis knee pain relief

    Easy to swallow,,good pain relief

  64. Amazon Customer

    Help with Athritis?

    Have used this for about 12 months. Does seem to give some relief from arthritis. If not sure take a chance and try it.

    One person found this helpful
  65. Meryl Mackenzie

    Easy purchase

    Purchased to ease arthritis and is working well

    One person found this helpful
  66. Amazon Customer uk

    It works well and quickly.

    I noticed a difference within two or three days. I slept better and just felt good in myself. I think it made a difference having the ginger in it as well. I have been taking turmeric tablets for a while but the first time with ginger as well and it made a difference.

  67. Rhianna F.

    Just what the body needs.

    This is just what the body needs. Helps joint pain, and with indigestion. Highly recommend. Relieves symptoms.

  68. Amazon Customer

    This product definitely makes my joint pain much easier

    I’ve taken these supplements for a long time, my aches and pains are much less when l take these.

    One person found this helpful
  69. robert b daglish

    quick delivery

    good value for money

  70. Glyn Shadwick

    joint priblems.

    too early to say.

  71. Amazon Customer


    Take these with my vitamins each day for relief of my arthritis value for money

  72. Lucky Leo 22

    Easy to swallow and help with the pain.

    I use this product for pain in my hands and the pain is less intense since i started taking turmeric tablets. They are also very easy to swallow.

    One person found this helpful
  73. Marj.

    What a relief

    My husband has Arthritus in his knee, and he says, the difference after just a couple days was nothing less than astonishing. He’s had a cortisone injection apps 13/14 moths ago which made a massive difference, but 5he swelling just wouldn’t budge, but it has gone down so much an£ he’s walking much better with the slightest of limps.

    One person found this helpful
  74. Irene modzelan


    Good product

  75. Frog39

    Hopefully they will start to work

    Still waiting on results after finishing bottle so bought another to keep going. Easy to swallow but they come back on me for about 10 mins after taking them. I take 2 every morning with my breakfast

  76. Andrew

    Great tabs

    Turmeric has great benefits.Personally I found the tablets hard to swallow but I just broke them open ana sprinkled them on my food etc

  77. Tricia

    Seems to be working.

    My husband has been taking them for about 4 weeks and they seem to be helping him It is really too early to tell and this cold, wet weather sets him back a bit. It needs more time to tell.

    One person found this helpful

    For back pain natural anti inflammatory also good for my arthritis

    Do seem to help my back

  79. Amazon Customer

    Great packaging

    Taking for pain relief , too early to say if working .

  80. Amazon Customer


    Have helped my knee pain.

  81. Amazon Customer

    Works for me!

    I suffer from chronic neck and shoulder pain and this product was recommended to me by a friend who suffers from knee pain. I am glad that I listened to his advice. I started with one capsule only as I wanted to be sure there were no side effects first (I didn’t notice any), but I finally increased to 2 tablets a day and that seems to work well for me. I would definitely recommend this.

    22 people found this helpful
  82. normannippy



    15 people found this helpful
  83. Red

    Easy to swallow

    My oncologist recommended I take a turmeric and black pepper supplement to help with joint aches and pains due to medication , I saw these had added ginger and this also has great healing properties I was also impressed with reviews so I am giving them a try and so far all good and they are easy to swallow .

  84. Amazon Customer

    Noticed difference with my IBS

    I use to do shoots this has made it a lot easier. Will buy again for sure. Noticed a difference with my stomach, suffer with IBS small difference but worth it.

  85. Ms N Fowles

    An excellent purchase

    An excellent supplement, easy to swallow capsules in post box friendly packaging.

  86. Sore nanny

    Works a treat

    Goof price easy to swallow

  87. B Clark

    Organic Turmeric with ..

    These were purchased by my Husband for me as i suffer from arthritis these big tablets are relatively easy to swallow the only flavour i get is later on. They do seem to help with the pain which is a blessed relief, currently my arthritis is intermittent but now Winter is approaching i will have more idea as to the efficacy these tablets.

  88. Ms R. Eddie

    This has helped me reduce my pain.

    I’ve used this to help my arthritis in my hip. It’s helped (along with changes to my diet to incorporate more anti inflammatory foods) to reduce my instance of Severe pain from an average of 8 a day to less than 1. It works!

  89. Amazon Customer

    Take one every day

    Use this every day and even introduced my parents to it. Don’t live without it now.

  90. Martin F.

    A great deal

    A good product at a reasonable price

  91. Amazon Customer

    Can’t live without it

    Great for short term memory and all other inflammatory issues

  92. Sheila

    Turmeric Capsules

    As I have only just started taking these capsules and they usually take 4-6 weeks to get into your system, I am unable to decide if they are going to work yet.

  93. PAL


    They had added ginger.

  94. Captain coco

    Exactly what I needed

    I was particularly pleased with this product as i was able to swallow it easily and the taste of the turmeric didn’t repeat throughout the day. Since taking the tablets the joints in my hands have been less stiff. Excellent value.

  95. Henry Doelittle

    Value and good delivery.

    To help ease pain.

  96. A. D. Eade

    not sure how well they really work

    not sure how well they really work, but they certainly do not make things any worse.

    One person found this helpful
  97. geodenland

    Quality and price

    A good quality product at a great price and delivered promptly…!!Recommended by me.!!! 🙂


    Good quality product.

    Excellent service and value for money comes well packaged in letterbox friendly packaging . High strength ingredients and organic.

  99. Elaine Butler

    That they work and easy to get

    I use them for pain relief, worked within 2 weeks

  100. Amazon Customer


    All fine don’t know how much benefit yet as it’s early days

  101. Davy1750


    Helped me to love 2 stone along with raspberry ketone

  102. Derek

    Reasonably priced

    A reasonably priced conveniently packaged product. I have taken turmeric for some time now and believe that it helps reduce inflammation. I always go for the ;product which incorporates black pepper as I believe this aids absorption.


    Helps with arthritis pain


  104. N. Daniels Lewis

    Efficient service.

    Packaging is fine and fairly but easy to swallow. Many organic elements . Too early to tell if it reduces inflammation

  105. david carter

    Quality product with no after taste.

    Easy to swallow good priceMy family all use these I would anyone.

  106. Startraveller67

    Good value

    Good value

  107. Mary Hammon

    Quality product easy to swallow.

    Very good quality and I have noticed a reduction in pain and swelling.

    One person found this helpful
  108. Maria morgan

    Good for joint pain

    Great they work with pain from joints and are of great quality


    easy to swallow

    good valie fast delivery good all round value

  110. Keith m

    Quick delivery

    Does what it says on the tim

  111. victoria ohlsen

    Making me feel better

    Yes I received the tablets thanks I think I have to take it for a while to see if I feel any change


    Great product

    Good value and high quality ingredients and vegan.Thank you

  113. ianradford

    Not working yet

    Bin taking for 2 weeks now .Not felt any pain relief yet .thought it would av worked by now .

  114. Ollie Oldie

    Easy to

    A good addition to my daily nutrition, l feel quite confident that they add to a good balanced diet.

    One person found this helpful
  115. Hemendrakumar Patel

    It’s good

    It’s good

  116. stephen l.

    Pain relief.

    Can’t really review about pain relief as I’ve only been taking them for 2 days.

  117. Yasmin

    Turmeric capsules

    Have been using these tablets for a while and although not completely gone the pain is more manageable.

  118. Silverfish

    Good Value

    Good product, fast delivery, recommended

  119. Jacky Gandon

    no wont get it again did not help pain releif


  120. maria whitter

    Excellent service

    Excellent product

  121. Willow Jorgensen

    Looks great

    Will see how it works out

  122. Joe cooke


    Great product and service

  123. Amazon Customer

    Great product

    Certified organic ingredientsQuick delivery

  124. Dave Mitchell

    Quick delivery. Organic compound.

    After 10 days taking 1 capsule per day I cannot say there has been any hoped for improvement in my tinnitus condition but I’ll finish the tablets in the hope that there is a cumulative effect over a longer period.

  125. shef

    Knee pain remover

    Reduced my pain in the knee which was quite painful. Buying another lot. Used since July. They are large tablet but don’t have any problems swallowing them.

    7 people found this helpful
  126. c woodhall

    Found it helps with arthritis

    Have been taking on advice fron consultant at hospital for arthritis, I find I does make a difference as I stopped taking when had bad stomach bug for a few weeks and once I started taking again noticed the difference.They come in flat packed containers so is great they go through letter box

  127. phillbert1


    Arrived fast, product definitely impressed me. good price

    One person found this helpful
  128. Loretta b

    Too big to swallow

    Tablets too big to swallow so empty them into milk .not had any effect on pain yet

  129. Mrs B. K. Linsdell

    Good product

    So far I am pleased with this product, it is easy to take. Will buy again

  130. Gur


    Turmeric I use for joints

  131. Mr. Kim Whitley

    As good as more expensive ones.

    Good value.

  132. phil

    they seem to work

    very easy to use less pain in kneesand less swelling hope this is the capsules what are working thanks

    One person found this helpful
  133. judy simpkin

    More Flexibility.

    I Really Felt A Difference Taking These, My Bones And Joints Were Less Painful By 30 – 40 Percent.

  134. ali

    Good product

    Good product, keeps energy levels up

  135. Amazon Customer

    Really works!

    I am now on my third box and I have to say if I don’t take them for a few days I really notice a difference. My hands feel stiff when I wake without these if I have missed them. Would definitely recommend

  136. anna bain

    Will purchase again 100%

    I bought these capsules to help ease pain in my foot, I have only been taking them for 2 weeks and not yet noticed a change in the pain however I believe in the power of turmeric so I am sure they will help in time. The product is brilliant, a very reasonable price compared to other brands, organic certification is particularly reassuring, super easy to swallow. Will continue to purchase

    One person found this helpful
  137. Ms H.

    Arrived on time but

    Arrived on time, container very unstable bit annoying I’m afraid, never mind it’s what’s inside that counts, slowly working, Hopefully will kick in soon. Great price

  138. Sean Hodgkiss


    I swear by these tablets. They are so good I really know if I miss a day taking them. Highly recommend these.

  139. Amazon Customer

    Just right

    np problems

  140. Amazon Customer

    Easy to take and good value

    Easy way of adding turmeric to diet. Using for its anti- inflammatory properties for my joints

  141. Bruce65

    May be very effective

    I’ve seen arguments both in favour and against Turmeric and its efficacy as regards pain relief. As I’m currently also taking steroids for PMR it’s impossible to come down off the fence. However, my wife suffers from arthritis and she’s convinced Turmeric does help relieve her joint paints. I like the fact that these are made in the UK and will definitely order again.

  142. Loopy Lou

    Not for me

    Took these for a month a didn’t notice any difference infact I had more joint pain

  143. David norton

    Their loaded

    Bit big for easy swallowing, but once you get into them it’s easy enough. Taste is, different and might put some people off, doesn’t bother me so that’s fine.

  144. Angry



  145. Renee Williamson

    Value for money

    This item works i buy all time from here now so would recommend

  146. Amazon Customer

    Taken for back pain

    Easy to swallow, taken for pain relief, unpleasant taste if not swallowed quickly.

  147. nikhil

    Very happy with these


  148. priya musu

    Value for money and natural product!

    I am using this product as I have been diagnosed with early osteo arthritis, which is only in my thumbs. I can’t say yet as to the effectiveness, I’ve only been using this product for a couple of weeks. But I know that the natural, organic ingredients in this product have very real benefits. It may take a while to fully ascertain the full effects, (for that reason I haven’t given any stars for pain relief) but this was great value for money, and the packaging is excellent, the design of it means it fits through any letterbox, and that is very convenient for customers! Overall I am very happy with my purchase and will probably buy this again. The ingredients are safe, natural and organic, so you can rest assured there won’t be any horrible side effects which you get with pharmacy drugs.

    3 people found this helpful
  149. Ivor Hope

    Not sure it had any effect

    Easily swallowed

  150. virginia lewis

    It has helped a great deal.

    I used it for pain I the knees and hands. Not to hard to swallow. It has helped

  151. julie burton


    These were great and the pain eased quite a lot, i have recommended to 4 other people and have brought more for myself.I couldnt sit for lobg periods and couldnt get comfy if i sat for too long, but now much better, still got to try out the motorbikr, but painbis 85% better than it was.

  152. Amazon Customer

    Worth trying

    Seem to be working not as much pain

  153. brian crowle

    don’t know

    have not noticed any change since taking them but early days




  155. O

    Good product

    Good product, little big to swallow but is worth it

  156. Driver

    Great product

    Great product. Easy ro swallow and in my opinion work well.

  157. David Powell

    Very pleased No criticism.

    They are good value and trouble free delivery.

  158. Muhammad Rehan Uppal

    Amazing product

    Amazing product

  159. William Shepherd

    Relief at last

    Since starting taking Turmeric with Cumin I am not in as much pain so, yes it seems to be working. Before I was taking every pain killer known, now I am able to cope with the little pain I have without any other help. Really pleased with your product, and will keep using.

  160. Zo Nicholas

    Easy to swallow

    Slowly helping with the pain.

  161. Liza

    Excellent product


  162. Kindle Customer

    Organic and easy to swallow. Good product and delivery.

    Originally bought turmeric and blacklisted capsules from a well known high street shop decided to try these and are so pleased with the product and the delivery. I had investigated the benefits before buying and the results are as expected

    One person found this helpful
  163. tricia

    Pain relief

    Product easy to swallow though large found to be effective pain relief


    After 2 months I felt the difference.

    Easy to swallow.Artritis

  165. Sheila

    Easy to take

    Brilliant for inflammation

  166. Steph D.

    Thank you

    Thank you

  167. Ann Jones

    They work!

    To help manage the pain associated with arthritis, and they work!

  168. Aysha Butt

    Excellent Quality

    I was looking for something natural that helps relieve pain in my sore joint and this combination seem to be working. I like the fact that company has decided to display their Organic Certificate in the pictures which I found very useful as it helped me make my decision to purchase this very useful product.

    13 people found this helpful
  169. Suffolk_Nick

    Daily Tumeric hit helps to keep everything moving

    Now in my 40s I have incorporated a daily dose of Turmeric to ward off the aches and pains of daily life.I am not a brand loyal person generally but I do find these Turmeric capsules to be of better quality than others I have tried. I also like the fact the pack contains 120 capsules so it lasts for a couple of months based on 2 capsules a day. I also like the flat square pack which is easy to store.

  170. Aderyn

    Easy to take

    The inclusion of ginger and black pepper enhances the effectiveness of the turmeric. Good product. Reasonable price.

  171. SUE


    Great value, been taking turmeric for two years find my aches and pains less, ginger an added benefit with this tablet.

  172. sandy

    Tablets which help with arthritis

    Well these have definitely helped my arthritis so would recommend

    One person found this helpful
  173. Anne



  174. Steph



  175. MaryseNL

    Excellent quality turmeric.

    Excellent quality turmeric. Speedy despatch. Well packaged.

  176. Margaret Boswell

    It works for me

    It really seems to be working for my knees – thanks

  177. gill adams

    Good product

    Easy to take , helped with my joint pains

  178. David W

    as described

    as described

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